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Coping skills are the strategies and interventions students can use during stressful moments to help manage BIG emotions during school. These can help with emotions such as: stress, anger, anxiety, frustration, boredom, and misbehavior.

Coping skills can help students adjust to stressful events, while also helping them maintain their emotional well-being. Taking short breaks and having positive distractions can be good for all of us when we need to reset.


If you haven’t tried a coping skill, the following ideas may help you feel better! Pick one skill that you want to use to calm down and manage your feelings. Try a few until you find one or two that work well for you.

Take 5 Slow Deep Breaths: Repeat

Count to 25, 50 or 100

Get a Hug

Swirl and Watch a Glitter Jar

Watch a Short Funny Video

Visualize a Pretty Place

Color Pictures

Sing the Alphabet

Draw a Picture

Do Jumping Jacks

Go for a Short Walk

Tell Someone How You Feel

Write in Your Journal

Create Music or Sing a Song

Play with Your Pet

Write 3 Things you LOVE about You

Read a Favorite Book

Eat a Favorite Snack

Write a Poem

Stretch Your Arms and Legs

Squish a Stress Ball

Wrap Yourself in a Blanket and Rest

Watch a Virtual Field Trip

Listen to Calming Sounds

Play a Fun Game

Give Yourself a High Five in the Mirror

Dream About Your Future Career

Write About How You Feel

List 5 Things You’re Grateful For

Do Finger Tracing Breaths

Play Catch and Throw a Ball

Shoot Basketball Hoops

Blow Bubbles

Skip Around

Jump Rope

Call a Friend

Ride a Scooter

Put on Fuzzy Socks

Pop Bubble Wrap

Blow a Pinwheel

Count Backward from 100

Toss Pebbles in a Pond

Bounce a Balloon

Think of Something Happy

Do Cartwheels

Chew Gum

Balance on One Leg

Smell an Orange

Do a Puzzle

Do Yoga Exercises

Finger Paint

Blow a Feather

Weave or Knit Thread

Notice Your Breathing

Write a Thank You Note

Do Sit-ups

Make Hot Chocolate or Herbal Tea

Plant a Flower

Hug a Pillow

Get Sleep