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K-5 Learning Programs

We are excited to introduce our new Clever portal for students in grades K-5! It provides convenient one click access to the digital tools and websites we use at UTVA.

Access all K5 programs in one-click by logging into our UTVA Clever Portal. Need directions on how to log into Clever? Click HERE.

Click here to learn more about MAP Growth – https://www.nwea.org/the-map-suite/family-toolkit/

Individualized Learning Math Pathways given to each student based on their NWEA diagnostic test in 3-5th and by grade level in K-2. Each lesson is scaffolded up or down based on student performance. There are live math teachers available for immediate help within the program. Students are required to pass off 1-2 lessons in Imagine Math per week.

Utah Progress is used by teachers to help students review to specific state standards to check mastery. This program will be accessed right from your OLS resources tab.

Personalized learning tool for students in reading–students take an initial placement test and are assigned lessons based on their individual needs in reading skills

Reading minutes tracking program. Teachers set up student accounts, email parents/students the info and then students log minutes. 

Formative Writing Tool For Utah–Strengthen skills and increase confidence with a customized, innovative writing tool built on quality content and intelligent technology. Utah Compose is a web-based writing program designed to help students in grades 3-12 in Utah improve writing through practice, immediate feedback, and guided instructional support. Your homeroom teacher will provide you with your log in credentials.