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NWEA Map Growth Diagnostic Testing

What: NWEA Map Growth Diagnostic
Who: All K-8 students
When: Given 3 times a year in August, December and April
Why: To assess individual student growth and provide teachers with valuable data on where students need the most help
How: Administered in a live class connect section by your student’s teachers

We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. For more information about the MAP Growth test, click on “More Info Here” button


Before your child starts their classes, we need them to complete their Map Growth Tests in NWEA. Follow the steps below to prepare your student to take the NWEA MAP Growth tests.

Step 1: Watch THIS 10 minute VIDEO explaining how each testing session will work.  **Just a reminder–please do not help your child with this testing in any way.  You can help with tech support but if you read any or part of the test questions/answers to them, it will place them higher than they need to be.  These are adaptive norm-referenced tests and students are expected to get only half of the questions right. The students should not spend too much time on any one question.

Step 2: Download this NWEA FAQ and Troubleshooting pdf to know how to solve the most common issues.

Step 3: Please fill out THIS SURVEY to sign up for 2 testing sessions, one for reading and one for math. Make sure you choose days/times that you, as the Learning Coach, are available to help your student log into their test. You will receive an email after filling out the survey with a reminder of your times.

What is MAP Growth

Test Preparation


  1. Make sure your device has an internet connection
  2. Disable pop-up blocking on your internet browser
  3. Make sure your screen resolution is at least 1024×768
  4. Make sure your device meets testing requirements using the Workstation Diagnostic Tool
  5. Optional but Recommended: Watch the MAP Growth video and explore resources found on the Parent Tool Kit
  6. Optional: Practice the test at practice.mapnwea.org (username: grow, password: grow)


  1. Minimize distractions for your child as much as possible & provide a quiet testing environment
  2. Make sure you are home to help monitor the student get onto the testing platform and help with tech issues that arise.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions 15 minutes prior to your test session with instructions on how to log your student into the test.  You will only need to join the proctor’s zoom room if you have questions or tech issues that cannot be resolved by looking at this “NWEA FAQ & Troubleshooting” 
  4. Monitor your student for tech issues, but do not hover over or help them with test content.
  5. The test proctor will be confirming and watching student test progress from their console.